Monday, July 6, 2015

The Month of June

It has been a busy but fun month for us.  We started off with R going to the Best of Preps in Chattanooga.  She was selected to the area 2nd team for girls golf.  John Smoltz, former Atlanta Braves pitcher, was the speaker for the evening.


The next activity was a trip to Texas to see the eldest grandson, P, graduate from Odem High School.


It was planes,IMG_3184



and bus rides!


Of course, our first stop was…


Our hotel had Texas-shaped waffles, which are always a hit.


T enjoyed getting to hit in the batting cage.


Swimming was a great time.



Fishing was another activity…


Payne and Tripp

There was a time for relaxing with Buster Posey…


and going to see the Hooks play baseball.

Tripp and Jack

Picture before going to graduation…

grandkids 1IMG_3229

He made a great speech at Graduation but I was focused on the evening and didn’t take any pictures!

His dad presented him with his diploma…


T won some hardware at a golf tournament.


R played in several golf tournaments in June…


T and his favorite caddy…

Big Mike and Tripp---CCC

Payne was selected to play in the Texas High School Baseball Coaches All-Star game as a first baseman.  It was great to see him play in his last game!  A week later he was named to the All-State first team as a first baseman.  When his regular season was over, he was named All-District as a pitcher.  In addition, he was on the All-State Academic team in baseball as well as football.  So proud of his athletic success as well as his academic success.  He was Salutatorian of his class and will be attending Texas A&M in the Fall.

The computer is not letting my add some of the pictures that I wanted to add, but if it changes it mind later, I’ll add more to the post.


June was a fun month with lots of activities.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Finishing Off April

T played in a soccer match at the Hindu Community Center…who knew there was such a place? 

2015-04-11 001

The field left a little bit to be desired!2015-04-11 004

Another Saturday, he played in Knoxville.2015-04-18 002

Four friends spent a week end in Townsend and enjoyed a hike in the Smokey Mountains.2015-04-24 001

2015-04-24 0032015-04-24 002

We were learning about the Feasts of the Bible through videos; great information and we learned so much.

Another day we went for a walk and this fellow greeted us!2015-04-25 001

This was the view from my room on Sunday morning…God’s gorgeous creation. The mountains were covered with clouds.2015-04-26 001

After we came home, I was honored with a birthday celebration.2015-04-26 003

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Weekend

The weekend started with T having a soccer game against a girls team.  And the boys won!!IMG_2872

Sometimes goofy Easter pictures are the only ones you get!!IMG_2876


Nine holes of golf was fun this afternoon.IMG_2880

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Week End of Baseball

I have been away from blogging lately but hope to be more consistent!  My fans, both of them, have asked where I have been!!


We flew to Houston and had dinner with great friends…just got so interested in visiting that I only took a menu picture and nothing else!  One of our favorite restaurants.

2015-03-26 001

We got to see P play a game that his team won.

2015-03-27 005

2015-03-27 002

The next day, we saw J pitch for his team.

2015-03-28 002

After his game, we went to eat on the water…

2015-03-28 005

and I had a fish sandwich with sweet potato fries.

2015-03-28 004

K’s free-range chickens!

2015-03-28 011

I ventured to the Eno and listened to a book on my MP3 player.

2015-03-28 013

One morning, Mike and I went for a walk around the school and I took a picture of the fence around the baseball field.  Go #13

2015-03-29 001

A boy and his dog in the cab of the tractor!

2015-03-29 005

This is the 24-row planter that was used to plant grain while we were there.  Mike and I both got to ride in the buddy seat while J used the GPS to drive the tractor. It is totally computer controlled so no hands on the steering wheel. 

2015-03-29 011

It’s the time of the year when the “snow-birds” are heading home!

2015-03-30 002

Many windmills have been erected in the area.  Some farmers like having them in their fields and other farmers don’t.

2015-03-30 003

2015-03-30 005

Another night of baseball.  First we saw J play…

2015-03-30 007

and then P.

2015-03-30 011

The morning we left, I had to say good bye to  some of the girls!

2015-03-31 002

A trip to Houston always needs a stop at Buc-ee’s.

2015-03-31 005

We are so glad that we got to see the boys play several baseball games.  Too bad we live so far away.

I’ll try to be a little more consistent in posting.

The pictures could have been better…maybe I should try to keep the phone steady after I take the picture.