Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Football Weekend

We flew to Texas recently for the sole purpose of watching football games!

On the initial flight, one of us was on the back row …2014-10-09 003

with a non-talkative seatmate!2014-10-09 001

Luckily, it was a small plane and a short flight!

On the longer flight, we had much more leg room…2014-10-09 004

On the drive to Odem, we stopped at Freebirds for a burrito bowl.2014-10-09 006

Before we went to J’s football game, M and P were able to look over his plan for classes at A&M, where he has been accepted…but that’s no guarantee that he will go there.  He has applied to other schools with strong plant genetics programs.2014-10-09 0102014-10-09 011

Great football game in the evening…

notice the wide receiver…2014-10-09 013

Proud grandparents!

2014-10-09 018

On Friday, the UPS man delivered a package that contained all of the “heads” of the varsity team.  So, of course, we had to have our pictures made with P.2014-10-10 001

2014-10-10 003

The boys had early dismissal for parent conferences, so after lunch, my favorite chauffer took me to see the new heifers.

2014-10-10 005

This year they are going to show heifers as well as pigs.2014-10-10 007

The varsity played in Kingsville at Javelina Stadium on the campus of Texas A&I.  They were playing Kingsville Academy which is the high school on the King Ranch.

2014-10-10 021

P played a great game; he had 5 catches for 80 yards. The Owls were the winners!

Proud grandparents again!

2014-10-14 001

Before we left for the game on Saturday morning, we went to see the chickens, where there are fewer than when we there earlier,2014-10-11 004

and the pigs, where there are more than before.

2014-10-11 005

2014-10-11 006

We got to A&M with only 2 out of 4 from South Texas.

2014-10-11 011

The football team walks in as part of the band leads the way.  Here are some Senior boots; these are the same as what Mike wore in 1966 when he was a Senior in the Corps of Cadets. 2014-10-11 014

2014-10-11 019

Texas A&M may not have The Grove, but this is only a part of the many tailgating tents.2014-10-11 020

2014-10-11 021

The game didn’t start until 8:00 p.m.

2014-10-11 024

Another great half time show by the A&M band.  Here they are ready to step off on Hullabaloo!

2014-10-11 029

A&M never looses…time just ran out!  Ole Miss 35- A&M 20

Monday, October 6, 2014

Fall Activities

The region golf tournament found the Cleveland girls team coming in 2nd place by 2 strokes and only 1 team goes on to the state tournament!  But both of the girls qualified as individuals!!

2014-09-22 003

2014-09-22 029

Along the course, you are able to see lots of deer who feel very much at home and are not scared by the golfers.  T took the camera and got real close to one of them.2014-09-22 017

2014-09-22 019

2014-09-22 021

We went to Odem asnd saw J play football in Beeville. #122014-09-25 009

Even though this is a small town, their football field is big!2014-09-25 002

Then we saw P play.  His father was out of the coutry so was not there for parent’s night.2014-09-26 011

All of the pictures from the games were blurry…I’ll try to do better next time!

2014-09-26 042

We got to enjoy some new chickens and pigs while we were in South Texas.2014-09-26 004

2014-09-26 007

We returned and went to the state golf tournament.

The girls were doing a phone interview with the Chattanooga newspaper…

2014-09-29 001

1st day…2014-09-30 008

2nd day…2014-10-01 005

They both played very well…H finished 12th and R was 14th.  So proud of both of them!2014-10-01 012

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Weekend in Dallas

This week end was spent in Dallas with good friends, J & D.  You will recognize them from our trips to Utah.

When we arrived Friday night, J had pulled pork sandwich and chicken tortellini soup ready for us.  We finished the meal off with a variety of Blue Bell ice creams!

Saturday morning we had Crème Brule  French toast along with bacon and fresh fruit.2014-09-20 001

We then headed to Southern Methodist University and the George Bush Library.  D had pre-purchased parking tickets in a nearby garage and to the library.  We were able to park, go to the library and then to the football game without having to move the car.  Great idea!!2014-09-20 005

One of the most interesting things in the library was the exact replica of the Oval Office.  So, of course, we sat behind George’s desk!2014-09-20 006

This is the chair where George would always sit when he entertained dignitaries. 2014-09-20 009

A great statue out in the courtyard…2014-09-20 014

There was also a wonderful display of Oscar de la Renta dresses; many of them worn by Mrs. Bush as well as their daughters.

After we finished our time in the library, we went to Café 43 where D had also made reservations. The café is on the grounds of the library and is rightly named since George was president 43!  They had hamburgers and I chose the turkey panini.2014-09-20 017

Then we walked toward the football stadium.  They are the SMU Mustangs so the statue is appropriate.2014-09-20 019

We got to our seats…2014-09-20 021

The temperature was nearly unbearable but the game was exciting, especially if you were rooting for A&M!2014-09-20 030

As usual the A&M band won the half-time!2014-09-20 0372014-09-20 034

After the bands performed, we decided to go back to their house.  People were under the stands trying to cool off with fans, cool towels, etc.  The para medics were busy through out the stadium.  I think we made a very wise choice. We got to see the last part of the game in the cool air-conditioning!  A&M won the game 58-6. 

For supper J fixed steak, corn, rice and a kale salad.  Delicious!  Again we had ice cream but this time she added an apple turn-over to go with it.

This morning we joined them at their church, Lake Pointe.  Didn’t take in my phone so no picture.  A very good sermon about The Furnace-Life in the Fire.  We were not able to stay for their Life Group (small group, connect group, Sunday School)since we needed to get to the airport for an early afternoon flight back to Tennessee.

It was a great week end with good friends, a winning football game, seeing something new, and worshipping together.