Saturday, May 2, 2015

Finishing Off April

T played in a soccer match at the Hindu Community Center…who knew there was such a place? 

2015-04-11 001

The field left a little bit to be desired!2015-04-11 004

Another Saturday, he played in Knoxville.2015-04-18 002

Four friends spent a week end in Townsend and enjoyed a hike in the Smokey Mountains.2015-04-24 001

2015-04-24 0032015-04-24 002

We were learning about the Feasts of the Bible through videos; great information and we learned so much.

Another day we went for a walk and this fellow greeted us!2015-04-25 001

This was the view from my room on Sunday morning…God’s gorgeous creation. The mountains were covered with clouds.2015-04-26 001

After we came home, I was honored with a birthday celebration.2015-04-26 003

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Weekend

The weekend started with T having a soccer game against a girls team.  And the boys won!!IMG_2872

Sometimes goofy Easter pictures are the only ones you get!!IMG_2876


Nine holes of golf was fun this afternoon.IMG_2880

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Week End of Baseball

I have been away from blogging lately but hope to be more consistent!  My fans, both of them, have asked where I have been!!


We flew to Houston and had dinner with great friends…just got so interested in visiting that I only took a menu picture and nothing else!  One of our favorite restaurants.

2015-03-26 001

We got to see P play a game that his team won.

2015-03-27 005

2015-03-27 002

The next day, we saw J pitch for his team.

2015-03-28 002

After his game, we went to eat on the water…

2015-03-28 005

and I had a fish sandwich with sweet potato fries.

2015-03-28 004

K’s free-range chickens!

2015-03-28 011

I ventured to the Eno and listened to a book on my MP3 player.

2015-03-28 013

One morning, Mike and I went for a walk around the school and I took a picture of the fence around the baseball field.  Go #13

2015-03-29 001

A boy and his dog in the cab of the tractor!

2015-03-29 005

This is the 24-row planter that was used to plant grain while we were there.  Mike and I both got to ride in the buddy seat while J used the GPS to drive the tractor. It is totally computer controlled so no hands on the steering wheel. 

2015-03-29 011

It’s the time of the year when the “snow-birds” are heading home!

2015-03-30 002

Many windmills have been erected in the area.  Some farmers like having them in their fields and other farmers don’t.

2015-03-30 003

2015-03-30 005

Another night of baseball.  First we saw J play…

2015-03-30 007

and then P.

2015-03-30 011

The morning we left, I had to say good bye to  some of the girls!

2015-03-31 002

A trip to Houston always needs a stop at Buc-ee’s.

2015-03-31 005

We are so glad that we got to see the boys play several baseball games.  Too bad we live so far away.

I’ll try to be a little more consistent in posting.

The pictures could have been better…maybe I should try to keep the phone steady after I take the picture.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Veteran’s Day


Veteran's Day

In honor of those who have served our country in the military.

Here are some pictures of my Dad who was in the Army Air Corps in WWII.

I couldn't find any pictures of my father-in-law who served in the Navy during WWII.

Most of our pictures of Mike, when we were in Japan, are on slides and not easily accessible. He was in the Army during the Vietnam War. Here are a couple that I could find. The baby is Kelly and don't you just love the wig with the maternity dress!

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Sunday, November 9, 2014

More on the Football Weekend

Continuation from the last post…

After breakfast, we drove to College Station in time to see the football team walk from their buses to the field house.  The team would be wearing retro uniforms and helmets for this game so the yell leaders also wore retro jackets.  Such a cool look!

2014-11-01 002

Coach Sumlin…2014-11-01 003

The football team also wore the retro jackets…2014-11-01 005

Kick-off for this game was 11:00 a.m., so these activities began early.  The corps stepped off at 9:30 and today they marched through the campus instead of in the stadium.  We are standing in front of the reviewing stand where dignitaries and school officials stand.

2014-11-01 006

As each company would pass the reviewing stand, the seniors on the front row would be saluting and the flag would be lowered and the saber in a saluting position.2014-11-01 008

The corps also wore retro headgear.2014-11-01 007

We enjoyed watching Parsons Calvary go by with the horses and wagons.  They normally don’t march with the corps.  I was on the wrong side of the street for the sun but on the right side for the reviewing stand!2014-11-01 010

2014-11-01 011

2014-11-01 012

It was a cold but sunny morning for a football game!2014-11-01 016

The band did their usual great precision half time performance and ended with a retro block ATM.  2014-11-01 015

After the game, we were able to walk around campus after most of the people had gone to their tail gating parties. By the afternoon, the temperatures had risen and we could take off a layer or 2!

2014-11-01 017

It was dark by the time we got back to the hotel so we just watched football and went to bed early.

On Sunday, we were lazy until it was time for church at 2nd Baptist Kingwood.  There we got to have a short but meaningful visit with the Ts.  What wonderful friends; it’s always good to see them. (And no, we did not go to the service dressed like that!)


We then headed to Chuy’s for lunch…2014-11-02 002

with a milkshake  for dessert…

2014-11-02 003

After we got to the airport, it was time for  traditional pictures…2014-11-02 004

2014-11-02 005

2014-11-02 006

Beautiful night shot of Atlanta as we flew in…2014-11-02 011

Waiting for the luggage in Chattanooga…2014-11-02 012

It was a great week end; only sorry the Texas crew could not be there with us.  Oh, yes, A&M won the game against ULa/Monroe.