Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Finishing up May

The end of school was near and R had an awards program…2014-05-19 006

T & R the last day of school…


The next day, we headed to the beach…


Always have to stop at the Florida visitors center…someone didn’t want to get out of the car!



We stayed a different place in PCB ( also known as Red neck Riviera). Here’s our view from the balcony…

2014-05-25 002

2014-05-25 001

While there, we had to visit some of our traditional spots as well as a new place to eat…IMG_1204



On the way home, we had to stop at another tradition for us…IMG_1216

They both played in a golf tournament and came away with medals…

2014-05-29 007

M and I flew to Houston for the wedding of the son of long time friends from NV.  We kept him every Wed. night during choir practice and saw the family several times a week.

They had a movie theme for the rehearsal dinner…

2014-05-30 001

Here we are with their original family…

2014-05-30 002

The next day was the beautiful wedding and we were honored to be invited to sit with the family.  A great picture of the bride and groom after the ceremony!David and Kaleigh

Since it was a noon wedding, we were able to get a good visit in at their home that evening…2014-05-31 010

May was a good month with lots of activities.  Now looking forward to see what June brings.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

May Activities so Far

The month of May started off with T playing soccer…he has actually played a game or two every week!IMG_1131

Mike and I went on a train trip in Oak Ridge…2014-05-03 001

R has been playing lots of golf…she won the district title…IMG_1120

and then the 2-day regional in Murfreesboro…2014-05-12 004

2014-05-13 018

2014-05-13 024

T had  field day with several different events… He thought that the strongest should be at the back! His enthusiasm may have exceeded his muscle!2014-05-16 030

2014-05-16 040

2014-05-16 033

R went to an 8th grade prom with a golfing friend from another town…

2014-05-16 009

2014-05-16 017

T had a soccer game that night…

2014-03-15 026

R had a 2-day tournament in AL… M and K drove down to watch her… T and I stayed at home and went to a movie.

2014-05-17 004

Today it rained and she had a 2 hour delay but when the day was over, she was the winner.IMG_1174

Today was special in another way…

It was K’s birthday…2014-05-18 003

as well as her and M’s anniversary!

Tonight we had a Red Back Hymnal singing…great gospel music …IMG_1170

Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Past Week

We have enjoyed a couple of great outings with family and friends.

Easter afternoon we played golf and everyone had a good time.2014-04-20 028

2014-04-20 016

2014-04-20 024

2014-04-20 037

2014-04-20 040

2014-04-20 042

2014-04-20 047

K and I played too, but no pics of us!


Later in the week we drove to Abington, VA to attend 3 plays at the Barter Theatre.  Live theatre is always good and these plays were no different.

2014-04-22 004

Other pictures…

2014-04-22 003

2014-04-22 005

2014-04-22 008

Wednesday morning we headed out to the Virginia Creeper Bike Trail which  is part of the rails to trails.  The portion that we rode was a 17 mile ride that started at White Top and ended in Damascus.  A great time in spite of the cool temps.  Here is some pictures of our ride.

2014-04-23 001

2014-04-23 003

2014-04-23 005

2014-04-23 006

2014-04-23 0112014-04-23 017

2014-04-23 019

2014-04-23 025

2014-04-23 034

2014-04-23 042

2014-04-23 0432014-04-23 045

2014-04-23 046

2014-04-23 059