Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wed., Jan. 7, 2009

This is our last day at Hilton Head at it was a fairly lazy day for everyone. I went to walk and was gone about 45 minutes when the heavens opened up! I was soaked by the time I got back to the condo. Later Mike and David went for a walk and to look for golf balls. Becky then went out for a walk as well. We all had some sort of breakfast and then we were lazy until lit was time for a mid afternoon lunch. We went to Charlie's Crab for a delicious meal.

We came back and were planning on going for a bike ride but it was a little too windy and cool, so Becky and I wimped out and Mike and David went on their final ball hunt.

A total of 110 golf balls! We may never have to buy another golf ball.

This has been a wonderful time with family and friends as well as a time for rest and relaxation. We'll head home tomorrow and get back to "normal" activities.


Lynda said...

It seems all men like to collect something. It's a fun hobby for them. I have enjoyed your vacation. Thanks for posting.

Mary Helen said...

Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for may be the only one!

Sheron said...

Everything is beautiful, love Charleston! And wish I were there with you to enjoy some of that wonderful Southern food.