Wednesday, May 27, 2009

And Then the Rains Came Down

Today we had 4 or 5 rain showers with a little sun thrown in for good measure.

Today was our day with Tripp and we did lots of fun things...inside and out.

Some of the plants really have enjoyed all of the rain we have had this month...

but some of them are water-logged!

During a no-rain period, Mike was able to plant some Stella D'Oros. He said that the ground was saturated!

It is the peak of strawberry season, so this is our dessert tonight and we have them for breakfast and snack time.

PS...Congrats to our friends John and Courtney who are expecting a baby in Dec.

1 comment:

John and Court said...

I am still working on my strawberries and they are SUPER yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!