Saturday, July 25, 2009

To Santa Fe and Beyond

This morning we drove from Santa Rosa about 1 1/2 hours to Santa Fe. One of our first stops was the Loretta Chapel. There we viewed a set of stairs that were built in the 1800s by an unknown carpenter. The way they are built is a one has been able to determine how they are supported. Another odd fact is that the wood used in the construction of the stairs is not available locally and the carpenter disappeared once the stairs were completed.

Historic Route 66 goes through the old part of Santa Fe.

This weekend is the annual Spanish Market...many artisans selling their wares, such as weaving, paintings, tin work, wooden pieces, crosses and other religious artifacts.

We came across this interesting gentleman who had just come to the gathering.
When it was time to eat, we headed for Tomatisa's and ate delicious New Mexico style Mexican food. The 40 minute wait was certainly worth it.

We drove to Farmington, where we are spending the night. The mountains that we drove through gave us many different terrains and geological formations to enjoy.
It was nice to finally have a computer connection that was working!!


misslynda said...

I had heard the story about the staircase but thought it was only a story. I did not realize the chapel actually existed. How do you find all these neat places? You are having great adventures on this trip.

Mrs. Tara said...

Oh I love this little chapel. I have a book written by someone there about the chapel and the staircase from a mouse's perspective. I love purchasing a children's book at each neat little place like this. I like them to be by a local author but that isn't always possible.
Tomisita's is wonderful. I love eating there. We also love Bob Cat Bites but it is closer to Glorietta. Have fun.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you are having fun. Of course the Big Texan is our old stomping grounds. I agree with Mrs. Tara -- Bob Cat Bites is wonderful food too! It is closer to Glorietta. Be careful on the last of your drive to Utah -- Love you! -- Sonya