Saturday, October 10, 2009

Friday's Activities...Eating and More

This morning we had breakfast at the hotel before we drove up to Lufkin where we got the chance to visit with Jim. Of course we had to eat lunch and we went to Cotton Patch...

After a trip to Walmart, we drove back to Houston and went to Mark and David's...Sonya and Elizabeth are in west Texas, so we missed them. Of course we had to eat we had Mexican food...We then went to see the Lufkin Panthers play the New Caney Eagles in the rain.
It was interesting to see the sprinklers come on just as it was time for the initial kick-off!

We stayed through 3 quarters and Lufkin was leading 34-6.


misslynda said...

No thank you for sitting in the rain to watch a game.

- - - and I just played catch-up reading blogs and I have a question. On the M&M pumpkin -- -were they glued to a real pumpkin or is it a cake underneath? It is very clever.

Mary Helen said...

It is a fake pumpkin but they got the idea from a magazine that used a cake.