Saturday, March 27, 2010

This morning we participated in the Cystic Fibrosis Great Strides run and walk.

Rheagan decided to do the 1 mile run...

and she came in first place with a time of just over 6 minutes!

Then we all walked in the 5K walk and even the man with the bionic knee walked it and Tripp rode his scooter. I was huffing puffing and didn't get a picture!

The eldest gson in TX is the district tennis champion. The younger gson in TX played in a championship basketball game today and came up just a little short...much like the Lady Vols.


misslynda said...

Great reports on great kids! It sounds like you all had fun together for a good cause this morning. I'm glad you saved enough energy to tell us about it.

Anonymous said...

Add to that the other big kid in Kingwood also placed third place (doubles)in the District JV Tennis tournament. Not bad for having only played tennis for about 4 weeks. :) The girl also ran the 2400 in her track meet -- I was proud that she finished. We neither one were concerned with the time.

You guys have very talented grandkids. :)

Congrats to the "cousins"!


Vanessa said...

Way to go Rheagan on the 1K race!! So glad and grateful you all came out for Great Strides!