Monday, January 3, 2011


Today was a fairly slow day and that was just fine!!

Mike and I went to a golf clinic today and hopefully learned something about swing fundamentals.

Then we all went for a bike ride.
We rode on the beach and will certainly do that again.

For supper we went to Crazy Crab and had a delicious meal.

Back to the condo for football, computers, working on the jigsaw puzzle and enjoying the fire in the fireplace.


CoachKSH said...

HearI hear the seafood gods saying" nan nee nan nee boo boo" to us. Crazy crab food looks delicious.

misslynda said...

A slow day is a wonderful day! It was that way a bit in the library today so we have gotten stuff ready for the Adult Reading Program - - brochures, registration forms, etc. We'll try to have it ready by your return.
Isn't it difficult to ride on the beach? Besides navigating through the sand, does the sand get in the chain?
So - - now you know I have never been to Skillets and never pedaled a bike through sand.

Mary Helen said...

Lynda...we rode on the beach when it was low tide and the sand was really packed hard. There was probably 50 yards of beach before you got to the water. It is much easier to ride with the wind at your back!!