Saturday, April 23, 2011

Heading Home

As we were winding up our stay in Texas, we had to eat more Mexican food as well as make a stop by Whataburger!DSC05738DSC05739

As we came into LA we saw these banners and realized that every town has to be famous for something!DSC05741

In Vicksburg we made a stop at the Battlefield and saw the Cairo…a Civil War Union vessel that the Confederates sank in 1862.  It was raised during the 1990s and is an interesting site to visit.  The National Cemetery is always a solemn place to reflect on our history.DSC05743DSC05744DSC05746DSC05747

We normally take pictures at the Texas monument but since we were headed back to Tennessee, we opted for this monument.DSC05750In Pearl, MS we drove by the stadium of the Mississippi Braves.DSC05754

The sweet spring smells were wonderful along the way and were produced by some of these type of flowers.DSC05756DSC05757DSC05758

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Lynda said...

How long does it take to drive to your kids in TX? I like the stops you made.