Thursday, August 4, 2011


After breakfast we checked out of the hotel, went to a Literary Seminar and then to a Props Seminar. 002

012009We had a great time and were a little sad to leave such a beautiful campus.

We had a Subway sandwich for lunch and then drove to Las Vegas where we dropped J & D off at the airport for their flight home. The temperature in Vegas was much hotter than in Cedar City.021

For supper we went to an old favorite.024023

We then stopped by Ethel M’s where Mike was the plant manager when we lived here.028026


CoachKSH said...

I couldn't get passes the lovely wood paneling to see the temperature!

Lynda said...

The blue shirt is a great color for you! I forget that Mike was that plant manager until you mention it. I guess that's because I have known you more in retirement than in employment years. Did you start going to the Shakespeare Festival when you lived out there - - in that horrendous heat?

Lynda said...

P.S. I did the props in one of our high school plays. It's an interesting and sometimes difficult job - - - lots of things to switch out and remember - - but still fun.

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