Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Another Fun Day

Today after a breakfast of cereal and yogurt, people went different directions.

Some went to play golf …002

while others participated in a variety of activities.

The jigsaw puzzle got finished…DSC06593

a challenging game of foosball…DSC06594

life-size chess set…DSC06598

taking Mom to school in basketball…DSC06601

time for a bike ride…DSC06606

mailing New Year’s cards to Mom’s friends…DSC06607

riding on the beach…DSC06613

some wildlife along the bike ride…DSC06618DSC06621

time to play before supper…IMG_8379

We all met up at Captain Woody’s for supper.  Then it was back to watch bowl games and have a time of great conversation!003


Lynda said...

You all have made up for lost time in the rain! Beautiful jigsaw puzzle - - had a bit of a challenge to it - - - neat chess set - - - tell me the gator was not real and if it was, how can it be safe to be near it - - - or did you use a zoom lens? Isn't it difficult to ride a bike on the sand - - - like difficult to pedal? Does sand not get in the gears? And 'R' has grown taller again, hasn't she?!!

Mary Helen said...

Yes, the gator was real and we were about 30 feet away with a regular lens. You ride on the part of the beach where the sand is packed. The loose sand is away from the water and you have to walk your bike through it to get to the trails back to the street. And R continues to grow!