Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Rainy Day

We recently got to go to a LHS football game at an away game and I wanted to show you some of the sights from the game.  Before we got there, of course we had to eat!

2012-09-28 001

Football in Texas brings much pageantry, even before the game.2012-09-28 0042012-09-28 0032012-09-28 005

Lufkin has a deaf football player and it is always interesting to watch he and his interpreter on the sidelines when he is in the game as well as out.

2012-09-28 010

After going into 4 overtimes, Lufkin won the game 71-68! Yes that is a football game score…not a basketball goal!

Then Sat. brought us to the A&M-Arkansas game. Since it was raining off and on, I am showing a variety of rain gear as well as foot wear.

2012-09-29 0112012-09-29 0102012-09-29 0132012-09-29 0142012-09-29 015

A&M won the game 57-10, or something like that!2012-09-29 004

Of course we had to eat before we headed home!2012-09-29 017

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Lynda said...

That purple is definitely purple!!! I like your burgundy better. Those are some dedicated fans to weather the rain. Great reward for you all with that food!