Monday, November 5, 2012

F,F & U, part 2

Our morning began with a stop at Krispy Kreme…how could we pass up the Hot Now sign!!2012-11-04 003

We took a driving tour of the University of Alabama…

2012-11-04 006

2012-11-04 007Wow, it sure is a big campus!!!

By the time we had finished riding through the campus…2012-11-04 008our doughnuts had diminished!

We drove to Birmingham and had thought about going to the zoo, but after making a wrong turn, we changed our minds and decided it was time for lunch…2012-11-04 012

and then drove back to TN. and along the way we enjoyed the fall foliage that is past its prime but still pretty to see.2012-11-04 0222012-11-04 031

A great week end for all!

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