Friday, June 14, 2013

Catch up Time

It’s been a month since I put something on the blog so I’ll try to catch up some now!

T had his Awana awards…2013-05-15 006

We went to Texas…2013-05-18 020

to see J get confirmed…2013-05-19 024

Back in Tennessee, R and T participated in a Drive, Chip and Putt event and they both won their age division.2013-05-29 044

R is playing on a team for the CCC and they play other golf clubs in the area.  So far their team is 3-0.2013-05-30 001

Swim meets are fun when your swimmer is up but pretty boring otherwise!2013-06-03 0042013-06-03 008

The University of Tennessee men’s basketball coach and players held a clinic at CHS. He’s the one in the Adaidas shirt!2013-06-11 011

1 comment:

Lynda said...

Busy, busy!! They look like they love every minute of it. Congrats on the AWANA award. That's a lot of Scripture memorization!
And as I mentioned to you at church - - - except for T, you have become the shortest in the family - - and I don't think you are a short person! That sure happened fast though, didn't it?
Thanks for sharing your happy times with us.