Thursday, August 1, 2013

Great Day at the Beach

Mike and I got up early and put the tent up!  It’s finally time for a few days at the beach.

We enjoyed the balcony until the sleeping beauty woke up!( After a little encouragement!)IMG_2004


Then we ate breakfast, lathered up with sunscreen and headed for the big ones…only the waves were really just swells. But it’s still the beach and you can always have fun.


They joined a volleyball game…with R being the only girl.IMG_2011

T thinks that he may have a lost member of Duck Dynasty on his team!IMG_2013

We came back upstairs for our traditional beach lunch…IMG_2009

and before the afternoon was over, they had found another volleyball game.IMG_2016

Dinner was at Captain Anderson’sIMG_2018


We played Chicken Foot and watched TVIMG_2021

What gorgeous ringlets when you let your hair dry naturally and don’t brush it!IMG_2023

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