Sunday, September 8, 2013

Quick Trip

We left early Sat. morning for the A&M football game.  We got there around noon so we HAD to eat!!

2013-09-07 002

We got to College Station before the rest of the family so we walked around. The yell leaders held a yell practice for the children…

2013-09-07 007

a part of the band was ready to lead the team in…

2013-09-07 008

but due to  lightening in the area, the team stayed on their buses…

2013-09-07 012

It started to sprinkle before the game while we were waiting for the band and the corps to march in…

2013-09-07 013

and the bookstore had sold out of ponchos, so we got wet during the game!  The football team won 65-28 and the band looked great. 

2013-09-07 016

We drove back to Houston after the game, went to bed, got up early and were back in Chatt. at 1:00. 

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