Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Safari Park

On of the days in the San Diego area found us at the wild animal park which is part of the San Diego Zoo. Wildlife Animal Park 001We got to see the gorilla handlers put out greens and treats for the gorillas before they were let out into their yard.  Wildlife Animal Park 009Wildlife Animal Park 007We took the first tram of the morning to see the non-predator animals living in a free range environment that mimics their native habitat.Wildlife Animal Park 011Wildlife Animal Park 044Wildlife Animal Park 078Wildlife Animal Park 120Wildlife Animal Park 023Wildlife Animal Park 045This is a white rhino and he is one of only 7 remaining in the world and all of them are in captivity.  They are past the age of reproduction so there will be no more and they will become extinct.Wildlife Animal Park 026One leg or two?…Wildlife Animal Park 004

Mike dabbled in the art of bonsai for a while so he really enjoyed seeing what others had done with their trees.Wildlife Animal Park 047Wildlife Animal Park 098

We had the chance to have a couple of “encounters with an animal” where we got to see a cheetah was walked around and it came right up to us.  The golden eagle was another fascinating opportunity to learn amazing facts about the gorgeous animal.Wildlife Animal Park 111Wildlife Animal Park 103

More shots of some of the animals we had the chance to see while we were there.

Wildlife Animal Park 052Wildlife Animal Park 005Wildlife Animal Park 057Wildlife Animal Park 061

Wildlife Animal Park 084

We ate a delicious supper of steak and baked potatoes before heading back to the condo.Wildlife Animal Park 124Wildlife Animal Park 121

We stopped at a farmer’s market that had more “stuff” and less produce than we were expecting.  But we did get some peach cobbler that we had for dessert.Wildlife Animal Park 127


Lynda said...

Do you know what that animal is that has zebra legs and a brown body? It looks like a great animal park with such wide open ranges for the animals. It is difficult for me to see them in cages. I did not know that about the white rhino.

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