Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sunny California

Recently we went to the San Diego area for a few days of R&R but for us we seem to stay on the go a lot!

We landed and quickly found something to eat in Old Town…064

The enchiladas and tamales were delicious as well as the rolled tacos that we had for an appetizer, but ate them before we thought about a picture!

There were strolling mariachi players who added to the ambiance of the restaurant.066069

We walked around some and decided that we would come back another day so we could take a walking tour of the area that is known as the “birthplace of California”.070

We were able to check into our condo that was to be our home away from home. A great view from the balcony…071072

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Lynda said...

I did not know it was the birthplace of California. I love the local flavor you include - - the food, architecture, and costumes of people. What's with all the rocks on the hillside?!! When I think about it, years ago they cleared tons of rocks in upstate NY farmland and used those rocks to make fences around the fields for the cattle.