Thursday, July 26, 2012

Another Day in Utah

The next play we saw was To Kill a Mockingbird which is adaptation of Harper Lee’s novel.


The play today, To Kill a Mockingbird is familiar to most people. It is based on the book by the same name. It is a story with two interwoven threads. One, a single father is raising two children in an Alabama town in the middle of the Great Depression. The second thread is way African Americans were treated in the legal system during the same time. The play is actually a flashback by the daughter of the single father remembering her childhood. She narrates the play and keeps it moving throughout. The basic plot is that a black man is accused of rape of a white girl. The single father is an attorney and agrees to represent the black man at his trial. The children are swept up in the father’s work because most of the townspeople don’t want him representing the black man. During the trial, the father presents his case that it was not his client that is guilty, but the victim’s father. Indeed, it becomes clear that he is innocent, but the town is a place where public opinion is dominated by prejudice.

From the trial’s conclusion and the ensuing months, the children learn a lot from their father, the townspeople and a mysterious neighbor. The narrator ends the play looking back with gratitude, and recalling her Father’s advice that “you never really know a man until you stand in his shoes and walk around in them.”

Before we went to the play, we had the orientation and had to include a picture of the watch and rings!003

The next morning, we walked, had breakfast and then went to  literary seminar and the actors seminar. We drove up to Parowan, which is called The Mother City of southern Utah.  It was the first settlement that Joseph Smith sent those who were “called” to go there.

We saw petrographs that were inscribed on the rocks by earlier civilizations.023


We had a wonderful hamburger, onion rings and peach cobbler…sorry, no pictures.044


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