Friday, July 27, 2012

Another Day in Utah

We got up and walked today…here are sights along the way. Beautiful hanging baskets on Main Street.003

On the campus of Southern Utah University, they have converted one of the tennis courts to pickle ball courts.005

After breakfast, literary seminars, and a prop seminar, we went to the Cedar City Visitors Center and learned about things to do in the area.  We headed to Old Irontown, which was the first place that iron was mined in Utah.

This is a picture of a house…there were about 100 people working in the mining and smelting.007

In the background you can see one of 2 kilns where charcoal was made for the smelting process.010

We continued our adventure and found the Page Ranch House which was built around 1900.  It served as a home,hotel,and way-station until around 1930.


We came back to civilization and went to see Scapin.


Scapin is a play that almost defies description. Not because It was not entraining, but because it is a complete farce. To give an idea, it is a play written by an American (Bill Irwin) who adapted (stole) the script from a play by the French play write Moliere, who had stolen the play from an early Italian play write. In modernizing the play, the only thing directly taken from the earlier versions is the character names. The plot revolves around two sons of noblemen who fall in love while their respective fathers are away. The sons realize that they will be disinherited if they marry their girl friends because they are of a lower class. They enlist the help of their father’s servants to help them. There are funny, silly and farcial twists and turns as the servants try to endear their sons’ loves to the fathers. As most farcical plays do, the ending sees everyone happy and the sons happily married, the fathers finding long lost daughters, and the servants appreciated by their masters.

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Lynda said...

You are having a great time! I am glad you are doing some sightseeing. Pickle ball is a new sport to my ears so I looked it up. Very interesting and I am surprised my husband hasn't mentioned it to me as much as he follows the sports world. He and I will discuss this later when he returns from work. Thanks for teaching me something new today.