Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fort and Lighthouse

We had another great day in St. Augustine.  We started off at the Castillo de San Marcos which was a fort protecting St. Augustine from 1695 through the end of WWII. At one time or another though out the history of the fort, it was occupied by Spain, France, Britain and the US.


Then we rode the trolley to The Fountain of Youth…it didn’t work for us!DSC07628

This is a picture of Magnolia Lane, which is deemed by National Geographic as one of the most beautiful streets in America.DSC07629

We went to the Cathedral Basilica and then to the statue of Ponce de Leon.


We ate lunch at Columbia and our meals were Spanish foods…not sure what is was but it was very good.


Later in the day, we drove Anastasia Island where we went to the lighthouse…


There were 219 steps to the top of the lighthouse…luckily there several landings along the way!


We then drove to the beach…


Another great day! Did you notice any photo bombing?

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Anonymous said...

Goobers. Absolute goobers. You're acting like Tripp. Fun times!