Sunday, July 28, 2013

More River Time and Home

We had the chance to go to the river once again.
Tubing is always fun…
2013-07-22 002
but even moreso when you are getting thrown around!
2013-07-22 014
Working hard on getting up on the skis…
2013-07-22 122
2013-07-22 238
After kneeboarding, this was a great way to finish the day on the water.
2013-07-22 335
Jack loves to squeeze!
2013-07-22 005
We went for yogurt...


played Chicken Foot

and measured!

The next morning, it was time to head to Atlanta.

2013-07-23 009

But a stop at Panera for a bagel before hitting the road.

2013-07-23 013

Another meal before getting on the plane.

2013-07-23 016

2013-07-23 018

2013-07-23 021

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