Friday, September 12, 2014

Beginning of September

K was recently inducted into the Cleveland High School Hall of Fame.  She was very honored to be included but got a big surprise at the ceremony when R had the privilege to introduce her.


We got to go to Texas A&M to see the renovated Kyle Field.IMG_1768

The teams came out on the field, and it began to thunder and lightning even before they kicked off, so we had a 2 1/2 hour delay!  They took the teams off of the field but left us in the stands!! Where was the logic in that?

The band did an excellent job, as usual.IMG_1778

They game was over at 12:30 a.m. so it was actually a 2-day game! A&M won 72-3.

We had breakfast with the Odem family, but I didn’t take any pictures…I certainly will this week end!!

The flights home followed the same pattern as the game…delays. We had time to ride around the Houston terminal on the above-ground train…IMG_1779

and eat Chinese food!IMG_1781

The flight to Atlanta was a little long since the pilot had to skirt thunderstorms, but it sure made for some pretty clouds!IMG_1784

While we waited in the Atlanta airport during a 2 hour delay, we walked and watched football games.

It was a busy week sports wise for the grands…football, soccer and golf.

I will try to be a little more consistent in posting now that it is football season.

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Lynda said...

I love that you made it an adventure in the airports! The train looks like fun and the clouds are GORGEOUS!!! Bill will enjoy the football story cuz he's the sports person in our family. Congratulations again on your daughter. What an honor and also what an opportunity for R. It takes some "nerves" to speak in front of groups but I am sure she did a phenomenal job. Some adults could not do that.