Monday, September 8, 2008

Heading Home

Another great breakfast at the hotel and then we enjoyed a few minutes in the wonderful 55 degree temperature while we were dealing with the rental car. The check in and security at Sunport, the Albuquerue airport went smoothly and since there in free Wi-Fi in the airport, I am able to write and send this before we get home!
We have had a great time here; we've seen some beautiful scenery, learned more about our country, eaten wonderful food, won a football game, and met some interesting people along the way.
But now it's back to the real world...whatever and where everthat may be. Hurricane Ike is making his presence known, but the family in South Texas doesn't want or need a visitor right now!

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Anonymous said...

I am glad you guys had a great weekend. That is a beautiful part of our country. I have been fortunate to be there three times in my life and would love to go back someday! I am glad A&M won...that makes for a better trip! I enjoyed all the pictures and was envious of all that good Mexican food you got to eat! It puts our Mexican places to shame!

Take care....I will call soon!

Love you guys!