Saturday, September 27, 2008

We're in Texas

We flew to Corpus yesterday and quickly got involved in Odem's Homecoming. We missed the parade but got to go to the Homecoming pep rally that was held in the football stadium. The senior football players spoke, there were cheers from cheerleaders, the nominees were introduced, etc.
Here are Payne and Jackson after school.
We got to see their new pigs that they will raising to "show" this winter. Payne had to give the 10 pigs shots for worms. Jon held the pig, Mike filled the syringe and Payne "shot".

We went to the football game and the Odem Owls beat the Poth Pirates.

This morning, Saturday, we left at 6:00a.m. for College Station and the Texas A&M -Army football game. Payne and Kelly did not go..they had to stay for a 4H banquet that started before we returned.

The fly-over today were Apache helicopters and we also had 4 Black Knights parachute guys come to the 50yard line of the field. What a sight!

The Aggies won the game 21-17 but the best part of the game was half-time and the Aggie band. I didn't want to put another picture of the block T so I'm showing the HUGE flag that was unfurled for Military Appreciation Day.

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