Tuesday, September 30, 2008

We're On Our Own

Jon and Kelly left for Mexico early (5:00 a.m.) this morning, so Payne, Jackson and I are on our own until Sunday night.

The day starts before sun-up around here but it sure makes for a beautiful sight as we were eating breakfast.

Payne and I dealt with the pigs this morning; we gave Jack more breakfast eating time today...but wait until tomorrow! I may get my degree in "swineology" while I'm here...yesterday I got to witness the little piggies getting their tails cut off.

When the boys got home from school yesterday, they got to hold a couple of the tails so I could take a picture.

Spot seemed ready for a photo op, so I obliged him, or her, or it...I'm not sure...nor do I really care.

But back to today...we got everything done that was need to do before school and off we went. I came back and walked "on the dirt road" and it's just 9:00a.m. So I have plenty of time to work on my list of things to do today...running errands, going to lunch, calling a repairman, mending, etc. Soon it will be time to pick up the boys and do the afternoon routine. Maybe I'd better rest while I can!


Caribbean Cindy said...

Hey Farm Woman!!I think you better get a nap before the afternoon chores. Good grief that's a lot of work...before school!! Just send those little tails down here - they eat them. They not me!! :-) Hope the Mexico trip is wonderful!

Mary Helen said...

Cindy- You are so lright about the nap thing! That's another reason why God gave children to young people. Old Grannies make good short term sitters though!