Friday, October 3, 2008

Me and My Shadow

This morning after I got back from taking the boys to school, I went for a walk. It was just me and my shadow. (Kinda reminds me of a song...)

Actually the 2 yellow labs went along with me, but as dogs will tend to do...they did their own thing, like stop, sniff, pee, and chase butterflies and stop, sniff and pee some more.

This was the view I had as I "went"

and this is the view as I "returned".

The only sounds I heard were a couple of train whistles and a plane flying overhead as it began its descent into the Corpus airport.

The labs are completley different in size and in personality. The leaner of the 2 is always going at a quick clip...maybe the reason for her slenderness. She's the hunter and on Monday she returned with a wood duck that was already dead, but she doesn't understand why it won't run and try to get away so she can "play" with it. Here it is today, and she still throws it up in the air, wanting it to play. It smells!!

The rounder of the dogs walked along side of me the whole way, but never jogged or ran...maybe the reason for her body style.

After the boys got home from school, they went to clean up the pigs pens. They are very willing to do what is necessary to deal with the pigs.

Tonight we went to watch one of Payne and Jackson's other cousins, Chloe, play in a freshmen volleyball game (she is #4) and then cheer for her high school football team. It was fun to watch her and the boys enjoyed being with their cousin Gus who is a Jr. in high school.

We had stopped at Whataburger on the way, but Payne had to eat again at the game...he's a growing boy!

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