Friday, October 17, 2008

Thursday Night Football

We flew to Houston on Thursday so that we could see David play in a 9th grade football game. He is #89 and plays end on his football team. He plays for Kingwood Park High School. We really enjoyed seeing his game. I couldn't get shots of him playing...too far away and it was too cool and windy for me to go down to the field!

He is a precious young man...he was the freshman "prince" at the Homecoming game last week end. We have known him since we took care of him when we all lived in Las Vegas. He makes us so proud to have gotten to watch him grown and mature in his personal life and in his walk with the Lord. We look forward to see where life will take him...hopefully that path will go through Texas A&M.

After the game, we went to Chipolte's for a late supper. Here's David being shy and then showing us his "good" side.

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rebecca said...

I love the Blog MH. How old is David- he's hot!!!!!! See you soon!!!!