Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Hump Day

I can't believe that it is October 1. Where did Sept. run off to and when did it only have 15 least it seemed so to me.
Today after, I got the boys off to school, a dishwasher repairman came to see about a leaky gasket, seal or something that was causing water to leak onto the floor. This was an old problem but it was convenient for me to be here today so that he could come and check out the situation.
A big piece of farm equipment came to disk, plow or drive up and down the rows. I know so little about this kind of stuff!

The pigs were doing fine when we fed them this morning, so life on the farm is going great. It's time for me to get the boys from school and we won't be back home until 8:30 or so tonight! It will be piano for both, baseball for Payne and then church activities for both with eating thrown in there somewhere!

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