Friday, January 1, 2010

Holiday Basketball Tournament

The high school basketball team participated in a holiday tournament where they won 2 and lost 2.

Their wins were against Oak Ridge and a team from Arkansas while their losses were to Maryville and a team from Virginia.

Since we were in the hometown of President Andrew Johnson, we thought we would take advantage of some history! He was born in North Carolina, trained as a tailor, and moved to Greeneville to practice his trade. He quickly got involved in politics and was elected to local office, state office, and national office before he became Vice-President . It was not surprising that Lincoln selected him to be his vice president since he was the only senator from a Confederate State that did not resign when the Civil War broke out. Upon Lincoln's assassination, he assumed the presidency and led the reconstruction effort for the rest of his term in office. He conducted reconstruction in a non vindictive manner while the Congress wanted to punish the South. He vetoed a number of bills that Congress had passed which lead to them impeaching him. He was not convicted by a margin of one vote. After office, he returned to Tennessee and was re-elected to the US Senate.

Here are R and T sporting some clothes that Andrew Johnson could have made when he was practicing his trade as a tailor.

On Friday we drove to Hilton Head Island and along the way, we went over the Appalachian Mountains where we saw snow and these frozen trees.
We were able to take this blurry picture of the lighthouse before we went to the condo and watched the last 2 football games of the day. B and D have joined us for a week of R&R.


misslynda said...

As usual, you have great pictures and a very interesting post. Thanks and Happy New Year!

Caribbean Cindy said...

I think one of my life goals will be to do "r and r" with you!! Your trips always look like so much fun and I'm a good puzzle worker!!! :-)