Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunday, Jan. 3, 2010

This morning we went to FBC, Hilton Head and enjoyed a great message from the associate pastor from Pslams 126.

We visited with a friend from Cleveland who has moved to the island. Then we went to eat breakfast. Everyone had something different and the ladies shared!!

We came back to the condo, changed to walking clothes, and headed out into the cold temperature...36 degrees.

While we watched pro-football games, we read the paper, worked on the jigsaw puzzle, checked the computer, and the bird watcher headed out to see what he could get see.

We ate a variety of left-overs while we watched the Lady Vols on TV.


misslynda said...

Beautiful church . . . . love that the women shared so they could get a variety. Men won't usually do that. . . . and a wonderful relaxing day! Keep writing about it all and it will extend my vacation!!!

Mary Helen said...

I'll keep doing my part and thank you for doing your part by reading the blog!

Caribbean Cindy said...

I am relaxing through your trip!! Love the pictures and did I tell you I'm a good puzzle worker???