Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Another Day of Fun

After a breakfast of cereal and fruit, we enjoyed leisurely reading the paper and getting ready to play golf.The resort has 3 nine-hole courses on the property. We played the Lakes and the Oaks courses today. These are well maintained courses and each of them has plenty of water and Live Oak trees. The views along the course were magnificent.
The tee markers were really unique! Thoughout the round of play, we saw lots of squirrels, a large flock of Killdeers, a family of ducks on one of the ponds and many Mockingbirds.
After playing, we went into town and ate at Tomatillos where the food was delicious.
We came back to watch the basketball game between the women of #2 Baylor and #1UConn.


misslynda said...

After following your blog over a year, I realize you love eating good Mexican food!

Mary Helen said...

Lynda- I think that you can say we like Mexican food; it doesn't necessarily have to be good!