Monday, November 15, 2010

Time Away

We spent a couple of days driving and finally got to Waco! That evening we decided to go to the Ferrell Center and watch the Baylor basketball teams play.Brittney Griner is the real deal at 7 feet tall. She was dunking in warm ups! Both teams won their games by large margins.
The next morning we had a wonderful visit with Ken and Diane. the food was delicious but the fellowship was even better. From the picture it appears that Diane has grown since our Baylor days, but let's credit the steps in front of their house!
When evening came, it was time for the Baylor-A&M football game. I would be a winner no matter the outcome of the game, but Mike's Aggies prevailed in a great game.
Sunday found us worshipping at Calvary Baptist Church where we were member during our time in Waco. The remodeling of the church as given them a new entrance and major updates inside.
But the stained glass window that was unveiled while we were there is still the focal point in the sanctuary. In spite of the changes, including new people, we still found some friends that we recognized after being gone for 28 years. It was good to have a chance to renew some friendships.

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misslynda said...

Too much fun! Praise God for friends that stand the test of time. Bill enjoyed this post, too. He said that Brittany is a really good basketball player.