Sunday, January 6, 2013

Continuing the Vacation

We had a great walking tour of Charleston; the historian was very knowledgeable and informative.  Our 2 hour tour took us by many interesting points of historical significance. 

This type of house is unique to Charleston. It is called a single house; it features multi-story construction, one room wide, sideways to  the street. The main purpose of the piazzas or porches is to keep the afternoon sun off of the house.IMG_0875

We also saw the first First Baptist Church in America which was started in 1620.IMG_0870

On Sunday morning we went to FBC Hilton Head and had communion.IMG_0881

For lunch we went to Skillets but were too hungry to get a picture before we started digging in!IMG_0877

We got our bikes for the week but it was a rainy, cool afternoon so we stayed in and watched the Lady Vols beat GA and the A&M women beat Arkansas.  We played board games and started a new jig-saw puzzle.

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