Friday, January 4, 2013

Food and Charleston

We had a rainy day recently so we stayed inside and only got out to eat! This was a late lunch and then…DSC07503

we had guacamole for a snack later that night.DSC07505I guess it was a Mexican food day for us!!

Then we drove to Charleston for a couple of days.  After checking into the hotel, we began walking around the historic part of town.DSC07507DSC07508

Expensive, but well-made woven baskets…DSC07512

So many interesting wrought-iron gates and especially this Sword Gate.DSC07514

As we were walking around, we found several interesting alleys…DSC07517

It was time to eat and we walked by this sign, so in we went…DSC07519for fish and crabcakes!DSC07518

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