Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Flashback to 2012

We had a great Christmas with both of the girls, their families and my brother celebrating with us. Here are some pictures of our time together.

2012-12-23 029

After a game of football…2012-12-24 003

We had a Wii bowling tournament and the youngest was the overall winner!!!2012-12-24 006

2012-12-25 0392012-12-25 0172012-12-25 0452012-12-25 122

Celebrating a great football season…Johnny Football and all!!2012-12-25 1432012-12-25 0792012-12-25 118

Our time together was over and it was time to head to the Atlanta airport where the cold wind was miserable!2012-12-26 006


Lynda said...

That younger boy from out of state has gotten TALL! Look at him next to you in the first picture.
I am so glad you got a pic at/on the yellow chair on The Greenway. Our Greenway is great.

KellyW said...

You seriously used the creeper picture!