Thursday, January 10, 2013

Two Days of Fun

We enjoyed a couple of days at Hilton Head. We started with playing Pickle Ball for 2 plus hours, went to Sea Shack for a late lunch, stopped a bakery for some dessert, went bike riding



ate some dessert,IMG_0898

played Chicken Foot,IMG_0900

and watch Duck Dynasty.

Another day we played golfIMG_0904

while other went birding and shopping.


Lynda said...

I gained weight looking at the dessert! The bikes all match - - - are they yours or do you get them from the area where you stay? Sounds like it is all the perfect balance of relaxation, fun, and physical & mental exercise. . . . . what are you both knitting?

MH said...

That was a Snickers Pie! We rent the bikes when we get there...the company delivers them to the condo. We had a great time, but of course it is always good to get back home. I am knitting a scarf and she is working on a baby blanket that her mother started.