Sunday, January 19, 2014

Back to Reality


Since we have been back home, it’s been pretty much normal routines for us.  Lee University has started for the spring semester but Mike is not there!  He decided last Fall that he was ready to re-retire!  So this semester he is not even teaching in the Encore Department.  It’s been too cold for him to play golf or work in the yard, but we have still gone to basketball games. We have seen T play twice this week…

2014-01-14 001

2014-01-18 001

and also the CHS teams.

2014-01-18 018

We have started a  jigsaw puzzle that we got for Christmas.2014-01-17 001

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Lynda said...

That is one "sweet" looking puzzle! Mike has enjoyed his careers but he definitely enjoys time with you and his family, too. So glad he did what God was calling him to do.