Thursday, January 2, 2014

Chick-fil-A Bowl and More

We drove from HHI to Atlanta for the Chick-fil-A Bowl…IMG_0607


After we checked into the hotel, we boarded MARTA to head downtown…IMG_0611

where we met up with the rest of our family.  The cousins always enjoy getting to be together…IMG_0612

We ate a great meal at Ted’s…IMG_0615

and then walked over to the Georgia Dome for the Bowl game.We were there 90 minutes before the game started.  The kids loved getting to go around and watch the Aggies warm up.IMG_0621IMG_0847IMG_0856IMG_0870IMG_0876IMG_0879

After a terrible 1st half, A&M had us on the edge of our seats as they rallied to win the game.

We welcomed in the New Year while enjoying the post-game celebration.  IMG_0639

We rode MARTA back to our hotel but didn’t take any pictures.

On Jan. 1, 2014, we ate breakfast at Waffle House and then drove back to HHI.IMG_0640

The rest of the day was spent watching football games! Went to bed before the Baylor game was over.

On Thursday, it rained all day, so we spent the day inside.  We cooked breakfast but chose not to take any pictures!  We played another game of Chicken Foot and Big Mike used technology to keep score!IMG_0642

Then we watched a movie about Pete Maravich…IMG_0645

For dinner we enjoyed…IMG_0648

then it was back for another football game!


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Lynda said...

Woman - - you wear me out with all your traveling!!! However, I celebrate with you the precious time we get to spend with family.