Saturday, January 4, 2014

From 6 to 4

Yesterday we went from 6 to 4 as K and her family headed back home.IMG_0650

Before they left, K wanted to take pictures of R and T on the golf course with the lighthouse in the background.  It might have been sunny, but it was cold and windy.

After they left, it was time for us to pack up and move to another resort in Sea Pines where we will be for this next week.  Getting the bikes from one place to another was not easy.  M was bundled up as he rode to the new place…I just drove the car to pick him up so he could ride the second bike!IMG_0652

We ate a late lunch here…IMG_0655

and came back to watch 2 good football games.

This morning we cooked breakfast in the condo…IMG_0658

and then did computer work and watched Anchorman 1( don’t bother)until it was time for lunch again back at the Sea Shack.  We had to return because they will be closed next week for renovations.IMG_0662

We took a bike ride this afternoon in spite of the cool temps and clouds…IMG_0667

Dinner was a light meal…IMG_0670

You can tell that we are by ourselves…no games and lots of eating!

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Lynda said...

I love eating and am glad you share your food finds. You two have a wonderful time together and it's heart-warming for us to see.