Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sunday and Monday

We went to church Sunday where the clergy and the choir wore robes, we sang from hymnals, had responsive readings…all in all, very high church.IMG_0673

After eating at Skillets for breakfast, we had to do some laundry.


and then it was time for bike riding and beach walking.IMG_0677IMG_0678IMG_0679

D and B arrived and we quickly started doing a jigsaw puzzle.IMG_0680

We had cereal for breakfast on Monday and some of the group went for a walk but got caught in the light rain before making it back.  Saw an osprey dive and catch a fish from a pond. The temperature dropped during the walk.

We played several games of Yahtzee… IMG_0681

worked on the puzzle before it was time for supper (Seinfields) at Crazy Crab. (Didn’t take the phone in, so no pictures!)

We came back and watched Jack Reacher before it was time for the BCS football game.  It was such a good game that we HAD to stay up for the whole thing!

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Lynda said...

Bill loved that game, too. I was in bed early since early mornings are back in my routine with Benjamin. When I was in high school, I attended the Lutheran Church for a while and we had the responsive readings. It is comfort to me in a sense. Looking back I realize what great Biblical teaching was in all of that. My husband would enjoy board games with you all. I would rather have a book or clean a closet.