Friday, January 10, 2014


We cooked breakfast…IMG_0695

worked on the puzzle…IMG_0697

and played Rook…IMG_0699

The day started off cold again, but in got a little warmer in the afternoon, so it was time to venture out for a bike ride.IMG_0701

I chose to go for a walk and saw where some of the plants on the resort didn’t fare so well with the freezing temperatures.IMG_0702


It was very windy on the beach so I came back and this was my view as I listened to a book on the MP player.IMG_0704

We drove to Crazy Crab for supper.IMG_0707

We came back and watched Wyatt Earp with Kevin Costner.

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Lynda said...

When I saw the eggs on your plates in the first picture, I was thinking, "I want cinnamon applesauce pancakes," and in the close-up pictures, there were pancakes. Now I really, really want them. Perhaps I will make them tomorrow since the "big" meal will be stir-fry from leftovers. I have enough from cooking everyday this week!