Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Back to California

This morning Rheagan, Karen and Tripp came for breakfast of waffles before Rheagan had to go to golf camp. Rebecca and Evan got their bags packed and we headed to Nashville.
After driving an hour or so, we came to a dead stop! There was a wreck on the interstate and we had nowhere to go. After sitting for 45 minutes, a Highway Patrol car came from the direction of the wreck and after a series of conversations, he escorted us and 2 other cars back to an exit. We worked our way through the country and got back to the interstate and continued our trip to the airport. We had about an hour and 45 minutes left to go...we got there with only a few minutes to spare. Luckily, the plane coming in was a little late, so they were late in boarding! The Lord was with us in both situations...the stoppage on the interstate and getting my pass and getting through security with no line.
I think that they had a good visit, but I'm sure they were ready to see their Dad.
We stopped at Logan's in Murfreesboro and had supper and then drove back to Cleveland, picked up Rheagan after her soccer camp for her to come home with us to spend the night. They are watching I Survived a Japanese Game Show...oh, it is ever stupid!(I know, we don't say that word1)

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