Sunday, July 13, 2008

Slow Sunday

Mike went to church early this morning to usher. Payne and I came later; about the time church started the bottom dropped out. We got about 1/2" of rain as the day went by. Payne went to Bible Study with us and since Mike had to run the sound and record the lesson, we had to sit at the front. Payne was very attentive and not squirmy. We got several compliments on his behavior. We went to the CCC for lunch and about the time we were through, the power went off and a little while later, the fire alarm began. On our way home, we saw 2 firetrucks on their way out there. We are supposing that the place didn't burn down!

We read the paper while Payne and Rheagan watched a movie on the Disney Channel. Kelly called and we got online for a video chat with the folks in Odem. We all watched National Treasure and then had stack ups for dinner before Payne went home with Rheagan. While he was gone, Mike cleaned up the kitchen while I packed Payne's bag. We went out to get him so we could all get to bed early...we are leaving for Chattanooga at 5:00a.m. so Payne and Rheagan can catch the 6:40a.m. flight to Houston and then on to Corpus Christi. They'll get there about 9:45a.m. Texas time.

We've had a great time having Payne here. He is becoming a young man and we can certainly see his maturing. It's hard to believe that he's going to Jr. High.

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