Sunday, July 27, 2008


We had a good night's sleep but woke up a little early...that's OK. We met at 8:00a.m. and drove to Green Valley Baptist Church for their 8:30 a.m. service. This is their gospel service and today there was a special guest who led us in several gospel songs. After observing the Lord's Supper, the pastor gave a brief sermon on Lying Prophets from Jeremiah 23.

We saw several familiar faces...Moses and Alice, the Hinsons, the Gissings, Yaconos, Woody Woodall, and a couple of other faces that didn't have names!

We then went to The Greens for breakfast...hope the pictures look as good as it tasted!

We then drove to Hope Baptist Church where we saw Jordan Goff and a couple of people from GVBC. The regular pastor was gone, but Pastor Mike (who is from Johnson City, TN) gave a great sermon on observing the Sabbath.

After a short nap, we headed to the Strip. We went to the Planet Hollywood Resort and the shopping complex that is there. There seemed to have been a plethora of shoe stores with outlandish shoes, sunglasses stores, and jewelry. To say the least, we walked through the area fairly quickly.

Then we drove to Ethel M to see that the Living Machine that Mike had designed, created and built, was all dried up...such a disappointment. We walked through the cactus garden and then went to the Hard Rock casino where we ate supper at Lucky's. We had the "gambler's special" which was a wonderful, fresh salad, a sirloin steak topped with 3 grilled shrimp. Not only was it delicious, but it only cost $7.77...what a deal.

Our next stop was another of our annual stops...Leatherby's Ice Cream Shoppe. We each had a banana split.
As you can see, we all enjoyed them! The Oriental lady who works there remembered us from our past visits and even knew what we wanted to eat. We were taking the "after" picture and she insisted that she take a picture of all of us! As we were leaving, she said that she would see us next year!We have enjoyed our "Las Vegas Experience" and are ready to go to Utah tomorrow to begin the Utah Shakespearean Festival.

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