Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Baseball and More

After a breakfast of watermelon and toast, we got on the computer and found some Geocaching opportunities in the area. We decided to "find" one near the Greenway. So we were off on our adventure!We put in coordinates into "Tom" (the GPS) and were led to Mouse Creek on the Greenway. After getting into the creek to look for the cashe, Payne and his favorite Tennessee Aunt slipped on the rocks and got soaked. They never found anything, but we all had a good time looking for it.

When we came back, Rheagan had another headache and took a nap.

We had pizza for lunch and then Karen took Rheagan to the Dr. to see if there was a reason for her recent fever, headaches, and napping. The Dr. ran several tests that came up negative and he said that whatever she had was viral and on its last leg. That was good to hear.

We had a Guitar Hero competition and Payne was our winner with Karen and Rheagan doing OK, but MH getting booed off the stage!

Tonight found Rheagan going to soccer camp while the 3 of us went to see the Chattanooga Lookouts play the Huntsville Stars. We left when the game was 12-2 in favor of the Stars. Here are Mike and Payne before the game started.

Payne thought the food was better than the game!

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