Thursday, July 31, 2008

Homeward Bound

Another great breakfast and then off to the Literary Seminars. There were lively discussions about Othello and Fiddler. At 11:00a.m. we went to the Props Seminar where we were told great stories and incidents about making and remaking and remaking props! We learned little tricks that the props department does to stay within their budget for each making a potbellied stove out of plastic flower pots! Who knew!

After an obligatory stop at WalMart, we ate lunch and then drove to Las Vegas. We dropped Jo and Duane off at the airport for their flight back to Dallas and then we checked into Sunset Station. We ate Mexican food for supper and will be making it an early evening. Tomorrow we catch a plane and head home. It's been another wonderful time with Jo and Duane as well as seeing 6 great plays.

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Anonymous said...

That seemed to be the best trip ever as far as the plays. That would have been a great one to attend. Thanks for sharing your journey with us. One of these days I might have to head that way. That would be a something good to add to my list of things to do. Mom and I are in San Antonio this week. It feels good to be out of town. Take care.