Saturday, July 12, 2008

Saturday Doings

This morning Mike went to Atlanta for a financial meeting. The rest of us slowly got moving and by late morning we had been to Target where we saw several friends, so that took time to visit and then we hit Taco Bell before heading the CCC for a swimming opportunity. (And you can see that we were multi-tasking as well with the purple-hull peas.)

We came back home and I mowed the front yard before the rains came and I had to quit. Mike got home and then we went to Logan's for supper. We tried to do some geocaching but were unsuccessful in 2 attempts. Our final activity for the evening was fishing in a friend's pond. Here we could catch and at Karen and Mack's we would just fish! Everyone caught at least 2 fish varying in size from 6" to 9". Everyone except Tripp.

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Kelly said...

Someone needs to convince Payne-o that the gut is not attractive. Rolls are for dinner, not the abdomen.