Friday, October 2, 2015

September 2015

This month was busy with mainly golf and football!!

R played several times at Bear Trace.  The course lives up to its name with the many deer that roam the course.


This was an all day tournament…team members waiting on others to finish.IMG_0020

It’s also time for high school football…IMG_0850with a great side line reporter checking her phone for weather updates!  She also interviews people on the side line, gets injury updates and talks to the head coach at half time and after the game.


The first Texas A&M football games was played in Reliant Stadium in Houston. We met P, the Aggie freshman, in Houston and we ate supper with the Terrys.  E had come in from DBU to join us!!  So good to be with these college kids!


The South Texas family came in late Friday night after J finished his football duties with the Owls!


mh and Payne

aggie band

Sunday morning before we all went our separate ways, P had to sport his Astros gear…even if it was orange!  It was their last home game and a clinch for the playoffs.

orange payne

R was a medalist in the district tournament and came in 2nd in a playoff.


The flight to Houston gave me some interesting cloud pictures.


On Sat. morning, we got to visit with 35 kinfolk at the Seago reunion in Nacogdoches.  We were sorry that we had to leave before group pictures were made…but Aggie football called!IMG_0937

The new, rebuilt Kyle Field was impressive! This is a look at the student side which was updated for last year’s season.  But “our” side was new this year.  Escalators, more elevators, larger and more restrooms, better concession, etc.FullSizeRenderJ was not able to come to this game, so we were just a party of 4.


The region golf tournament was held at Lake Tansi; again she was the medalist but came in 2nd in a playoff!! But she still qualified for the state tournament.


The CHS girls golf team with the coaches after the region tournament.


The 16th birthday was celebrated after a football game at I Hop.


T played a good soccer game…


The State golf tournament is a 2day affair playing 18 holes each day.

Let the games begin!!!Rhea


Someone took a different walk down a couple of holes!!


The weather deteriorated during the match and there was a 2hour rain delay due to lightening.


And then the sun came back out!!


Here she is with her coaches and the school’s AD, who drove  over to watch her match.  She finished the day with a 76.


She played in a group with 2 other girls from Bradley County.  So all 3 high schools were represented at the state tournament.IMG_0128


Family was there to support her.

family at State

Getting ready for day 2…

start of 2nd day

It was a day that brought rain, wind and dropping temperatures.



She shot another 76 and finished in 10th place in the state. 


She was named to the All-State girls golf team!!  She had a great season for CHS.

So proud of her and her accomplishments.

Thank you for following us in September!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

July 2015 part 2

I’ll finish up the rest of July.

After day 1 of the Jr. Division of the City Championship.2015-07-21 002

Day 2 of the City Championship…2015-07-23 006

She was the Jr. Division winner…2015-07-23 003

She and her “mentor” Maggie, who won the Women’s Division…2015-07-23 004

She and her friend, Phyllis, who was the Super Senior winner…2015-07-23 001

The next day, she and her caddie, Heidi…2015-07-24 005

She won the Jr. Club Championship…2015-07-24 007

T also won his age division…



We were really cutting it close for T to take his 3rd grade trip…he started 4th grade soon after we got back!

He chose New York City for his trip and we had a great time.  Of course, one of the days we were there, it was the hottest day NYC had had in 2 years!!

2015-07-26 0012015-07-26 002

2015-07-26 0042015-07-26 005

2015-07-27 0022015-07-27 0102015-07-27 008

2015-07-27 0152015-07-27 0182015-07-27 0232015-07-27 0242015-07-27 0295172015-07-27 0312015-07-27 0382015-07-27 0442015-07-27 046

2015-07-28 0052015-07-28 0082015-07-28 0092015-07-28 0152015-07-28 0162015-07-28 0182015-07-29 0032015-07-29 0092015-07-29 0052015-07-29 007550551556588

2015-07-29 0132015-07-29 016



2015-07-30 0022015-07-30 007

2015-07-30 0092015-07-30 011

2015-07-30 013

We all had a great time, but it was time to come back and get ready for school!!