Sunday, September 25, 2011

Happy Birthday, Rheagan

It’s hard to believe that Rheagan is now 12 years old.  It seems like yesterday that she was born.  (I know that’s a oft-used phrase, but it really is true!)  Here are some fairly recent pictures of her.

2011-07-01 1172011-07-23 0192011-08-04 0022011-09-15 009 


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Friends, Family & Football

We had a great visit with G&B while we ate dinner at Tommy Bahama’s.  The food was very good, but the fellowship was even better. B and I have been friends since elementary school days and we added Mike in high school and then G came into the picture during college.  With both of the guys being Aggies, we had plenty to talk about over dinner!  They sit across the field from us at the football games, but I can check them out with the binoculars!

2011-09-16 002

It was time for another A&M football game…this time against Idaho.  Before the game we met K,J,P and J at Wings and More for…wings for most people and more for me.  I had wonderful chicken strips with onion rings!2011-09-17 003

We got to campus in time to watch the team make their spirit walk.  I stayed upstairs in a building to get a better shot than being on ground level…it’s not a good shot when you’re short and get the back of people’s heads!2011-09-17 007

More shots from outside the stadium…2011-09-17 010

2011-09-17 015

Payne and Coach Gary Blair of the National Champion Lady Aggies!2011-09-17 016

The fly-over was a B-52…2011-09-17 017

The view from the third deck of the game2011-09-17 024

and the Nationally Famous Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band.2011-09-17 022

Sunday, September 11, 2011

New Season Begins

Today Tripp began his Fall soccer season.  He always enjoys playing!2011-09-11 010

2011-09-11 012

CMS played last Thursday…2011-09-08 0042011-09-08 005

Tonight the skies were very interesting…2011-09-11 015

Monday, September 5, 2011

It’s Football Time at A&M

This past week end we went to Texas and went to 2nd Baptist Church North Campus for a Saturday night service.  David gave the offertory prayer and Mark did the announcements and benediction. Afterwards we all went to eat Mexican food that was delicious.2011-09-03 001On Sunday we went to College Station for the A&M-SMU game that was televised on Fox Sports…thus the reason it was on Sunday night!  Of course, prior to going on campus, we had to eat and the bar-b-que at Rudy’s was fantastic!2011-09-04 001Payne has certainly outgrown me…2011-09-04 003and Jackson is on his way!2011-09-04 004

The boys and Big Mike at the 12th Man statue…2011-09-04 006

We even let the parents come!!!2011-09-04 024

We watched the team during the Spirit Walk…2011-09-04 014and the band and the Corps march in.2011-09-04 0272011-09-04 029and or course, Reveille…2011-09-04 032

Finally it was time to head into Kyle Field for the pregame festivities.2011-09-04 039Warm-up…2011-09-04 038School song…2011-09-04 045Fly-over…2011-09-04 049Half-time…2011-09-04 058Student section…2011-09-04 053You can see that there are no pictures of the game…it was too exciting to stop and take a picture!

By the way, A&M won the game 46-14.

Next time I won’t take the “big” camera especially since I can’t make adjustments “on the fly”!!  I’ll just use the small point and shoot that I can put in my pocket!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Some Family Members on the Ball Field

This week we have had 3 of the family participating in various forms of ball.

Payne played in a high school JV football game where he was a receiver and the


Rheagan played in a middle school soccer game where she scored 3 goals.

2011-09-01 0012011-09-01 002

And finally Karen worked the chains for the high school football game.  She was out on the field 3 different times when the officials wanted to measure for a first down.2011-09-02 0082011-09-02 007