Sunday, May 18, 2014

May Activities so Far

The month of May started off with T playing soccer…he has actually played a game or two every week!IMG_1131

Mike and I went on a train trip in Oak Ridge…2014-05-03 001

R has been playing lots of golf…she won the district title…IMG_1120

and then the 2-day regional in Murfreesboro…2014-05-12 004

2014-05-13 018

2014-05-13 024

T had  field day with several different events… He thought that the strongest should be at the back! His enthusiasm may have exceeded his muscle!2014-05-16 030

2014-05-16 040

2014-05-16 033

R went to an 8th grade prom with a golfing friend from another town…

2014-05-16 009

2014-05-16 017

T had a soccer game that night…

2014-03-15 026

R had a 2-day tournament in AL… M and K drove down to watch her… T and I stayed at home and went to a movie.

2014-05-17 004

Today it rained and she had a 2 hour delay but when the day was over, she was the winner.IMG_1174

Today was special in another way…

It was K’s birthday…2014-05-18 003

as well as her and M’s anniversary!

Tonight we had a Red Back Hymnal singing…great gospel music …IMG_1170